Aug 02

Ponemon Institute and Security Innovation Reveal Gaps and Best Practices in Security Awareness Program with Latest Research

Wilmington, MA (PRWEB) July 15, 2014

Security Innovation and Ponemon Institute today announced the release of its State of Information Security Awareness: Trends & Developments Report. The objective of the research is to understand global trends and developments in information security education. The companies surveyed over 3,000 IT and other managers who were influential in their organizations PCI DSS compliance and/or audit activities. Approximately half of the respondent companies currently require their employees to participate in information security awareness training, and it is these survey responses that form the research basis of the whitepaper.

Security awareness training programs have become a much higher priority for risk-sensitive employers, said Dr. Larry Ponemon, founder of Ponemon Institute. The collected data reinforces the need for targeted security awareness training to ensure threats are well understood and good security hygiene becomes part of daily activities.

Key trends include:

#1: Spending is Increasing

Among the organizations that plan to implement a new security awareness training program, 64% will do so in the upcoming year – and spend some serious money doing it: 73% plan to spend over $ 100,000 and 41% will spend over $ 500,000.

#2: Theres Room for Improvement

64% of managers are less than fully satisfied with their current PCI DSS security training. Additionally, about two-thirds of companies currently train less than a quarter of their workforce, omitting key personnel.

#3: Short, Customizable and Online

Awareness training is most effective when available in short sessions, making computer-based training (CBT) the most popular and cost-effective approach for many companies. This is particularly important for smaller companies who typically spend almost twice as much per employee on training than larger companies. Additionally, 64% of companies customize training with company-specific content and, for those that offer training tailored to job function, IT departments receive the most customized curriculum.

#4: Its Not Just About Compliance

Although compliance is currently the single biggest driver of data security training, 82% of organizations surveyed implement security awareness training programs to improve their overall level of data security.

Security industry standards bodies, such as PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) and NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), have recently updated their compliance requirements and best practices guidelines to place more emphasis on the importance of security awareness training.

Other key findings of the Security Innovation and Ponemon Institute research:

-About half of the organizations that provide training via CBT rely on third-party vendors for program development

-Most of the respondents who provide formal training indicated their curriculum is updated at least once per year, with 21% updating it more frequently

-More than two-thirds of organizations measure the immediate impact of their PCI DSS training using employee tests or satisfaction surveys upon program completion

-The most popular way for organizations to measure the long-term effectiveness of their PCI DSS training is by tracking reductions in non-compliance incidents

About Security Innovation

An application security pioneer since 2002, Security Innovation is dedicated to making software more resilient within the worlds most challenging environments; whether on the web, in devices or in the cloud. Our training and assessment solutions help organizations mitigate risk, eradicate vulnerabilities, and prevent data theft. Recognizing that application software no longer exists in isolation, our clients are better prepared to anticipate, navigate and reduce software security risk regardless of technology or system complexity. There are more than a million licenses of Security Innovations eLearning products in use today and our embedded security products ship on tens of millions of systems each year. Learn more at

About Ponemon Institute

Ponemon Institute is dedicated to independent research and education that advances responsible information and privacy management practices within business and government. The companys mission is to conduct high quality, empirical studies on critical issues affecting the management and security of sensitive information about people and organizations.

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Jun 15

Ultimate Typing Releases Latest Software Version For The Benefit Of Schools And Teachers, eReflect Reveals

New York City, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

eReflect’s latest press release contains the announcement that the Ultimate Typing EDU 2014 software is now available to everyone wishing to save time by improving their typing speed and accuracy. Schools and teachers can use the software to help their students learn to touch type efficiently as the software can be easily integrated into existing tech skills classes at school.

Touch typing is fast becoming an essential technological skill and the growing popularity of touch-type devices means that those who have mastered touch typing will remain ahead of the curve.

Ultimate Typing EDU has been designed by eReflect to be effective for both personal and school-based use. Its adaptability make it a top choice for schools that wish to offer touch typing learning opportunities to many students with a single, one-time purchase of the software. The Ultimate Typing EDU 2014 version is a practical software for classrooms, because an unlimited number of users can create their own individual accounts for practice and customized learning.

Apart from being an affordable solution for learning to type, the software employs the latest touch typing technologies to ensure the learner is able to type faster with just a few weeks of practice. Young people whove mastered touch typing enjoy a multitude of benefits, from saving time to creating professional-grade projects for their classes. Touch typing is no longer an optional technological skill, because the majority of employers today expect their workers to not only know how to touch type but to do so professionally and effectively. As paper and pen communication in the business world fades to near extinction, schools and educators need to understand the importance of preparing expert touch typists before those students enter the job market.

eReflect offers Ultimate Typing EDU 2014 in two versions, Mac and Windows, to ensure everyone has the ability to practice with the software. Schools and other large organizations are encouraged to get in touch with eReflect if they are interested in learning more about the multi-user aspect of Ultimate Typing EDU and how it can easily be incorporated into an educational environment.


For more details on Ultimate Typing EDU please visit

About Ultimate Typing

Ultimate Typing software is designed specifically for the improvement of typing skills. Created by eReflect, a world leader in e-learning and self-development software, Ultimate Typing has been informed by the latest developments in the science of touch typing.

Since its creation in 2006 by Marc Slater, the company has already catered to over 112 countries all over the world, offering products with the latest cutting-edge technology, some of which are among the worlds most recognized and awarded in the industry.

Mar 04

LP Police Introduces Unified Public and Private Databases for Law Enforcement and Government Agencies That Include Live Feeds to the Latest Credit Bureau Data

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) February 26, 2014

LP Police, America’s #1 Person, Cell Phone Search and Investigative Database for Government & Law Enforcement has developed an entirely new design and online user experience along with the addition of the latest data containing billions of records.

Police, law enforcement and government agencies (federal, state and local) can access gun permits, licenses, relatives, criminal records and more instantly.

LP Police can uncover hidden relationships and persons of interest by employing the latest data retrieval technologies and link analysis software for locating individuals, assets and relationships quickly and easily.

A completely redesigned and easy to use interface sets the standard for fast and accurate searches and reports.

All of the searches have been restructured to provide users with the most sought after information. Searches include a broad range of categories, comprised of over 40+ searches law enforcement professionals are looking for. A new, all-inclusive report now contains over two dozen data points on a subject, so all of the information is in one place. Access gun permits, hunting licenses, priors and more. LP Police helps to make investigations safer!

Our customers say it best: We recently started using LP Police and been extremely happy with the amount of current available information they have provided, said Police Sargent J.H..

LP Police is committed to constant improvement and innovation.

An ongoing program of law enforcement focus groups has been put in place to perfect a users experience. Subscribers can now search all of the historical and current records to ensure the fastest and most accurate information every time. Police and government agencies can benefit from superior data and fast data access when it counts. Quick Tip sections on the top of every page, coupled with VIP support, assist investigators through every step of a search.

Homeland Security, Police Departments, Drug Task-forces, Constables, Sheriffs, and US Marshals will uncover persons of interest with ease.

Find relatives, neighbors, associates, and common residency instantly with the latest link analysis tools. Once a person of interest is identified, the data is organized and accessible. Because relationships are often vital to solving a case, investigators may need to dig deeper and find a subjects 3rd and 4th degree.

LP Police quickly provides all the investigative pieces needed to solve more cases.

LP Police Advantages: – Catch the Bad Guys

Unlimited Person & Phone search, plus numerous free reports and free searches including a Cancel Anytime/Money Back Guarantee.

The search results include full SSNs, DOBs, MVR, people, assets, licenses, court records (criminal/civil), phones, prior residences, real estate holdings, recorded bankruptcies, liens, judgments, businesses and more in a secure, interactive, searchable database. Law enforcement and government agencies (federal, state and local) are encouraged to experience the superior data, accuracy and world class free VIP technical support and customer service from LP Police.

LP Police provides subscribers with all the pieces needed to Connect the Dots and solve more cases.

About LP Police / ENTERSECT: – Call 877.482.0101 Today for a Free Trial.

LP Police, located in Boston, Massachusetts is the nations leading provider of accurate, complete and cost-efficient investigative information and reports on a majority of the U.S. adult population. Our proprietary online skip tracing database can be used wherever there is an Internet connection, whether in an office or on a mobile smartphone or tablet device.

Subscribers have instant access to Americas #1 person and cell phone search. Law enforcement benefits from billions of updated online public records to conduct person, phone, address, email, social security, civil records, criminal background, property, assets, licenses and motor vehicle searches.

Law Enforcement Background Checks: – Avoid Surprises FCRA certified employment background screening is available to qualified applicants. Background101 has been a leading provider of background screening information to law enforcement, government agencies and businesses for more than 15 years.

Please call Amanda Cunha at 888-746-3463 X326 for more information.

Jan 26

Multiple Sclerosis Annual Conference Presents the Latest on Diagnosis, Patient Care & Research

Hackensack, NJ (PRWEB) January 24, 2014

The leading educational, training, and networking organization for MS healthcare professionals and researchers, The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) ( announces its 28th Annual Meeting taking place May 28-31, at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX. In cooperation with the American Committees for the Treatment and Research of Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS

Nov 14

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Nov 04

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May 03

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May 01

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Apr 25

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Apr 24

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